HD-80 Wood Stripper 2lbs

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HD-80 Heavy Duty Wood Stripper

Please Read First!

  • HD-80 was designed to be used only by Professionals in the Wood and Deck Restoration Industry.
  • Due to the volatile nature of this product we discourage shipping to Homeowners!

We carry many other products that can be used effectively by a Homeowner: Wood Strippers

HD-80 was designed to remove the toughest exterior wood finishes fast. HD-80 will remove even the most stubborn transparent, semi-transparent and semi-solid stains. Used alone HD-80 will effectively remove tough finishes such as CWF-UF, Sikkens, Cabot, Behr, and most semi transparent or oil based finishes.

HD-80 is a highly developed dry powder formulation that mixes easily with water. Mixing your own solution allows you greater flexibility as well as a tremendous savings. HD-80 is extremely stable in solution which allows you to mix a large batch at once to service several crews or simply mix enough for the job at hand. Either way this stability allows for prolonged storage of the mixed solution. Sold exclusively to contractors, HD-80 will be the hardest worker on your crew!


Friday, 17 April 2009

Worked like advertised. Mixed the 2lb container in 5 gallons of warm water and stirred it repeatedly to make sure the crystals dissolved. Applied it to my IPE decking that had been coated before with Flood Dekswood CWF-5 year product (don\'t use on your IPE - I didn\'t like it and it was a pain to remove).\r\n\r\nAnyway, the 5 gallons removed most of the original CWF the first try (let it soak on for about 15-20 minutes) on my 20x20 deck with steps. Brightened the deck with the Citralic Deck Brightener (you need to use this because the HD-80 wood stripper really darkens the wood). Went back and re-did the areas where the CWF did not come off completely and re-did the deck brightener. \r\n\r\nAfter this process the IPE looks much more bleached out looking than it did when new (almost like a new pine color). Tried Defy for Hardwood Light Walnut on a couple of boards but this did not give me the deeper red color I was looking to achieve. Returned unopened cans (thank you Sealer Store - you guys are the best) for Defy Cedartone color and this is closer to the red color I was looking to achieve although not as deep and luxorious looking as Messemers for hardwood. The problem with Messemers for me in the past is that it gives up it\'s good looks within a couple of months of steady use. Hoping the Defy will last longer. We\'ll see.

Mark Suhre

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Nick, sorry but no deck stain stripper will remove a solid stain/paint effectively.
Removing Paint/Stain
I have a deck in which I need to remove a solid paint/stain to apply a new solid, thick stain. Will this product work? There seems to be the paint/stain, and a thin primer coat underneath.

The texture is hard when it is cold, very stretchy when it is hot. I can email you a picture if that will help.
If you use HD80 you will need to brighten when done and possibly lightly sand. Stain a few days after.
I have power washed and sanded my deck

there still is some old stubborn stain left on the deck

removing sikkens deck stain

if I use HD80 what we I need to do after I clean the deck with it

how long before I can restrain the deck
Jules, the HD80 should work well with this unless the ATO is extremely over applied.
I am removing 3 year old Australian timber oil that never penetrated correctly, and is now peeling....is HD80 the best product to remove it?
re: Product sources in Canada
No dealers in Canada. Sorry about that.
Product sources in Canada
I'm looking at a tough deck re-staining job that includes removal of a lot of semitransparent stain/paint... I'm in Sudbury, Ontario Canada... Do you have a supplier in this area..??
re: Do You Sell To Any Pittsburgh Contractors?
We do not know of anyone in Pitssburgh. We have numerous in Philly but that is too far away.
Do You Sell To Any Pittsburgh Contractors?
I live in Pittsburgh and am looking to have my Sikkens deck stripped. From what I can find, it seems that the Cabot HD80 product may be the best way to go to get the Sikkens off of my deck. I was wondering if you sell to anyone in the Pittsburgh market whom I could then contact to possibly do the job? From what I am reading I'm not sure it would be best for me to tackle this job myself. Any help, if any, you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!
re: Painting contractor
Best to pre wet surrounding vegetation and the house before starting. Make sure to constantly rinse any over spray and you should be okay.
Painting contractor
I don't do a lot of deck restoration in the market I serve but recently a customer asked me to restain a deck they had stained with Olympia latex stain. Needless to say they want me to do it because they weren't pleased with their efforts. The only solution I can see is removing the existing stain and restaining. I was considering using your product HD-80 in conjunction with the Citralic Wood Brightner. The wood on the deck is pressure treated. What precautions are there where this deck is attached to a home with vinyl siding and a measure of plantings around the deck?
Log home dealer/contract or
I need to remove two coats of Sickens which has turned black over a three year period, just on the log railings which are on a deck with tiger wood.
Coverage depends on the finish you are removing. It varies between 75-150 feet per gallon. A 2 pound container makes 5 gallons of liquid. Dwell time also varies. Usually 5-20 minutes.

What is the finish you are trying to remove?
How large of an area will the 2 lb. size cover, and what is the dwell time for this product? thank you.
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