EFC-38 Wood Cleaner 10lbs

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EFC-38 Wood Deck Cleaner/Stripper

EFC-38 was developed to tackle your tough wood restoration projects fast. This unique formulation provides the strength necessary to strip most semi-transparent stains and sealers, dead grey wood, mold, mildew and heavy accumulations of grime. Proper surface preparation is the key to successful wood restoration.
EFC-38 contains a sodium percarbonate, but is not like a straight percarbonate cleaner. EFC-38 was designed to remove aged and failing oil-based wood finishes. It will perform many jobs that a percarbonate cleaner can not do. EFC-38 is safe to use and makes an excellent tool for wood restoration.

In most cases EFC-38 will easily remove mold and mildew. You should see it work drastically when it comes in contact with mold or mildew. If there is an extreme build up of mold and mildew you can apply additional EFC-38 to fully eradicate the infestation. (NEVER mix bleach with EFC-38)


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Sorry but this is not available to be shipped to Italy or overseas.
I live in Italy and are responsible for the purchasing of drs Regional Latin frozen storage (Italy)
I would buy a product that whitens and removes dirt from wooden pallets for transport of goods.
You can send your product in Italy?
If your product is fine we will buy one hundred pounds a year.
contact me via email and let me know how to buy your product.
Thank you.
Yes it is safe for water and vegetation.
I need to known if this product is safe for western red inland cedar. Also if safe to use around veggitation and fish.
Thank You.
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One 10 pound container makes 20 liquid gallons or 8 oz makes 1 gallon.
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