EFC-38 Wood Cleaner 2lbs

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EFC-38 Wood Deck Cleaner/Stripper

EFC-38 was developed to tackle your tough wood restoration projects fast. This unique formulation provides the strength necessary to strip most semi-transparent stains and sealers, dead grey wood, mold, mildew and heavy accumulations of grime. Proper surface preparation is the key to successful wood restoration.

EFC-38 contains a sodium percarbonate, but is not like a straight percarbonate cleaner. EFC-38 was designed to remove aged and failing oil-based wood finishes. It will perform many jobs that a percarbonate cleaner can not do. EFC-38 is safe to use and makes an excellent tool for wood restoration.

In most cases EFC-38 will easily remove mold and mildew. You should see it work drastically when it comes in contact with mold or mildew. If there is an extreme build up of mold and mildew you can apply additional EFC-38 to fully eradicate the infestation. (NEVER mix bleach with EFC-38)


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    Curly · 05/22/2019
    If I use this product on one yr old pressure treated deck will I need to use a brightener or can I go ahead and use oil based semi- trans stain?
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    The Sealer Store · 02/23/2014
    Best to use the HD80 and sand off the rest of needed. It should not harm paint unless the paint has failed or peeled.
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    Philip · 02/21/2014
    I have a large deck (1200+ sqft) that I want to strip and stain. The current stain is 6 years old (I just purchase this house) and is well worn (except in covered areas). It is a semi-transparent stain of unknown manufacturer. This deck has only been stained once and is pressure treated pine. Would EFC-38 or HD-80 be a better choice? Will either product damage the painted rails or the paint brink on the house? The paint on the railing is 6 months old.
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    The Sealer Store · 06/15/2010
    IMO, Behr is the worst thing you can put on a deck. It is a pathetic wood stain. What is even worse is how they lie about 5 year warranties. What a joke as it barely lasts a season before peeling. The worst part is that it is extremely difficult to fix :sad:
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    Greg80 · 06/15/2010
    Oh that's good one less thing to buy. No,I'm trying to get as much of the old solid stain off with HD80 as possible and sanding whatever is leftover.Deffenitly going with an oil based or semi transparent stain once finished. Do not want to have to go thru this horror or stripping solid color stain off that previous owner put on. That stuff Behr makes should be outlawed.
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    The Sealer Store · 06/14/2010
    You do not need both HD80 and EFC-38. Are you trying to prep the deck so you can recoat with another solid stain?
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    Greg80 · 06/14/2010
    In your opinion do you think i will need this product or will HD-80 followed by some Citralic Wood Brightener be enough? Deck was finished wish some Behr solid color stain so deck only has some minor mildew and green spots where old stain had peeled off.
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    The Sealer Store · 08/24/2009
    Depends on the wood/stain that is being cleaned. About 500-700 feet.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    SI Reasoning · 08/24/2009
    How many square feet of deck will the 2 lb cover?
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    The Sealer Store · 04/11/2009
    One 2 pound container makes 5 liquid gallons or 8 oz makes 1 gallon.
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