Consumers are constantly confused at to what is the best deck stain, type, or color for their deck. Years of trying stains from Big Box stores with repetitive failure has really taken toll on the chore of restoring your deck.

The main questions that have consumers have when choosing a deck stain are:

  • Type of stain to use. Transparency difference
  • Which brands last the longest
  • Which decking stains are easy to re-coat without the need to strip
  • What are the best deck stain colors
  • Where can I buy a quality deck stain locally
  • Penetrating vs. Film-Forming Stains
  • Oil Based Deck Stains vs. Water Based Stains

In the following articles we will look at these questions and help you determine the brand and type of stain that is best for your deck.

Which particular brand of deck stain you use can certainly affect the overall outcome of your deck staining results. Appearance, durability, and longevity are all concerns of any deck stain brand.

Deck Stain Color Ideas and Choices

Deck stains today come in a wide array of colors, tones, and opacity choices. Knowing how these can affect the final result will help you in deciding which deck stain is best for your deck.

One of the biggest concerns we are asked about purchasing online is "what does the deck stain color look like"? It is very difficult to view from deck stain color charts and final wood deck stains colors can very drastically when dealing with a pigmented wood stain. Stains will enhance the natural wood color tones base on a variety of criteria.

The main reason colors differ for transparent, semi-transparent, and semi-solid stains and sealers are:

What is the Longest Lasting Deck Stain Brand and Sealer is a common question that a residential homeowner may have. Tired of trying all of the stains that are available locally, homeowners are looking towards the Internet for deck stain reviews and help to find a better alternative for the exterior wood. Let us look at what makes a stain or sealer last longer than other brands.

There are many different types of transparency of decking stains. Basically the transparency or lack of comes down to how much pigment the stain has. The more pigment it has the better the UV protection. The less pigment means better penetration and showing the natural grain. With all of these different types of stains, homeowners can be confused as to which stain they should use for their deck. We will look at the differences for each type of stains and show the positives and negatives of each.