Help Arrow 1Step 1 - Prep the Concrete

Prepping Tip 1: Choose a Concrete Cleaner that is specific to what is being removed. Example: Choose a general stain remover to clean dirt and grime.

Prepping Tip 2: After washing it is best to let the concrete surface dry for 24-48 hours prior to sealing.

Help Arrow 1Step 2 - Seal the Concrete

Sealing Tip 1: Choose a Concrete Sealer such as Masonry Saver Heavy Duty Sealer  or Super Seal-M Water Repellent

Sealing Tip 2: If you are unsure of what concrete sealer is best for you then ask here: Concrete Sealing Questions


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    Pete · 05/09/2019
    I have a mortared stone chimney and would like to know the best product for sealing this, ( superseal 25 or 30 ?). I don't need a glossy finish, but want the best product.

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    Larry Weader · 08/07/2018
    Supreme Shield SB600, before and after. The circle is not yet sealed, while the walk is. Just look at the beautiful difference!
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    Jody · 10/15/2017
    We moved into a house that has a stamped concrete patio that is stained and sealed. We built a pool that has concrete pavers around it. With all the pool construction, the patio got really dusty. I've sprayed it off with a hose, used simple green cleaner with a 24" push broom to try and 'scrub' off the dust/debris, but I can't seem to get off all the dust/dirt. I have not resorted to getting on my hands and knees with a hand held scrub brush yet. I want it to look the way it did when we first moved in a year ago. However, I do need to be careful because the concrete pavers (made by Belgard) and the pool are right next to the patio. So whatever I use needs to be safe on the pavers and the pool because when I rinse off any cleaner, some will get on the pavers and in the pool. The pavers are not sealed. What is the best thing to use to clean a sealed stamped concrete patio? It doesn't need to be resealed, just cleaned off. I don't want the cleaner to harm the seal or the new concrete pavers (unsealed), or the pool since any rinsing of the patio will get into the pool.