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arrowStep 1 - Prep the Concrete

Prepping Tip 1: Choose a Concrete Cleaner that is specific to what is being removed. Example: Choose a general stain remover to clean dirt and grime.

Prepping Tip 2: After washing it is best to let concrete dry for 24-48 hours prior to sealing.

arrowStep 2 - Seal the Concrete

Sealing Tip 1: Choose a Concrete Sealer utilizing the parameters on left. This will narrow your choices.

Sealing Tip 2: If you are unsure of what concrete sealer is best for you then ask here: Concrete Sealing Questions


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Pavers and Concrete Restoration How To Tips

Brick Paver Restoration StepsConcrete Sealing Steps

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Sealing Concrete and Bricks Sealing concrete and bricks are very easy. Just clean and apply a sealer. Water Repellent Sealers come in many various types and can be specific to the type of substrate that you will be sealing. The use of a pressure washer is suggested when cleaning exterior concret [ ... ]

Brick Paver Restoration StepsBrick Paver Restoration Steps

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Restoring Exterior Brick Pavers The steps needed to restore your Brick Pavers are relatively easy. All you need to do is clean, resand if needed, and apply a sealer. Paver Sealers can enhance the natural colors of your brick and come in Matte, Semi-Gloss, and Higher Gloss shine. If a "shi [ ... ]

Brick Paver Restoration Steps10 Easy Brick Paver Restoration Tips

Must Read! 10 Easy Tips to Help You Restore and Seal Your Brick Pavers

1. If need be it is best to level any pavers that may have settled unevenly. Lift the unlevel brick and level the base by adding slag or heavy sand base. Do this prior to any sealing.

2. It there is an excessive amount of weeds an [ ... ]

Brick Paver Restoration StepsHow To Strip a Failed Brick Paver Sealer That Has Turned White

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Note: These Steps will work on Failed Brick Paver, Stamped Concrete, and Decorative Concrete Sealers.

Brick Paver Sealers are different then regular concrete sealers in that they: Darken the appearance by giving a "wet" look. Can give a gloss appearance that ranges between satin to high gloss. H [ ... ]

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