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These tips will help you stain an average wood deck in 2 hours!

The suggestions below will help you speed up the process of applying a wood stain to a deck. It is best to apply a semi-transparent wood or deck sealer with a pad applicator or by low pressure spraying followed by a pad to ensure an even application.

Equipment Needed:

*These steps are taking in consideration that you are applying a transparent or semi-transparent stain. These are tips and all manufacturer's instructions supercede these tips and should be read first!


  1. Mix product thoroughly. Fill Wooster bucket and pump sprayer with stain. Be careful of spilling onto grass or concrete!
  2. Do one section (about 4 feet) where the railings meet the house by hand with the Padco hand pad.
  3. Lay down Poly Tarp on outside of deck to protect concrete, bushes, grass, etc.
  4. Hang a 9x12 Canvas Tarp so that 4 feet hangs over one side, 4 feet the other side and is stretched 12 feet long on top of the rails.
  5. Using the pump up sprayer apply the stain by lifting up one side of the canvas tarp. The other side of the canvas will stop the over-spray. Walk around and do the opposite side the same way. Include outside edge of deck flooring as well.
  6. Slide canvas tarp down the railing and move the poly tarp to match on the outside. Immediately back wipe all the excess stain that dripped onto the flooring using the 18" Speed Mop, spreading it onto the bare floorboards.
  7. Using the Padco pads you should wipe the drips on the railings and look for any missed spots. Also you should apply a second coat (if needed) to the top of the railing.
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 all the way around the railings until you reach the opposite side. Do steps last.
  9. Once done with railings look over one more time for drips and missed spots.
  10. Using Padco pad slowly edge out the flooring that butts up to the house. Make sure you have a staggered line and that it is applied at least 2 feet away from the house.
  11. Using pump up sprayer lightly saturate the rest of flooring.
  12. Using Wooster Bucket and 18" Speed Mop, apply a second coat evenly over all the flooring. Make sure you apply as much as the wood will allow. Over applying can result in premature product failure on the horizontals! (Follow Manufacturer's Instructions as to how many coats are needed!)
  13. Finish steps with sprayer and Padco Pad.
  14. Properly dispose of pads. When applying an Oil-Based Stain, canvas tarps and any rags should be saturated with water and allowed to dry before disposing of. DO NOT leave tarps or any rags in direct sunlight or in/near the house. They can cause a fire!

We have used this method on over 6000+ decks. Hope this helps!

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    litebeim · 08/15/2009
    I am applying Degy UV clear coat. Just as I was finishing the railings a pop up shower hit that lasted about 5 minutes. Everything got wet (not saturated though). What will this do to the portions that I did that day, as the instructions state to do on a day that it won't rain for 12 hours
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    litebeim · 08/15/2009
    I am applying Defy UV clear coat and just as I was finishing the railings, a pop up shower hit. It lasted about 5 minutes but everything got wet, (not totally saturated though). The instructions say to do on a day where it won't rain for 12 hours. What will this do to the portions that I did that day?
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    The Sealer Store · 07/22/2009
    Thanks Matt! This also happens to be our most popular article.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    Matthew Norman · 07/22/2009
    This is a great method for deck staining It really has increased our efficiency this year.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    The Sealer Store · 03/10/2009
    Transparents are stains. The amount of added pigment is what determines the classification.

    Transparents *Lightly pigmented
    Semi-Transparents *Medium pigment
    Semi-Solid *Heavy Pigment
    Solid *Solid Pigment
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    attgirl · 03/10/2009
    Which is better to use on this a transparent or a stain? I know that it is going to depend on my needs but is one easier to use in this method than the other or should I expect the same end results in both cases, whichever one I use. I might have to try this on various projects.
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    The Sealer Store · 02/09/2009
    Unfortunately Sikkens is one of the most difficult to strip. If it is laying on top of the wood like a "varnish", the deck strippers will have a hard time penetrating through, requiring the possibility of sanding. If the Sikkens penetrated into the wood completely, then any deck stripper ([url][/url]) will work.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    George Zaferes · 02/09/2009
    Any suggestions with stripping Sikkens (original Cetol BL 31 base, then 10 yers later the Cetol 23 maintenance coat is on there)
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    The Sealer Store · 01/17/2009
    Thanks Don!:-)

    If anyone has questions please register and ask.
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    Don Marler · 01/17/2009
    Scott really knows what he's talking about when it comes to deck staining. As a St. Louis Deck Staining ([url][/url])Company, we have used some of Scott's Products. We highly suggest his line of Powersolve Deck Stripping and Brightening products. They work GREAT!