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brighten woodBrightening Decks/Wood after Cleaning

When brightening Wood or Decks, use a brightening product similar to Restore-A-Deck or the Defy Deck Brightener. This is extremely important after cleaning or stripping the wood. Not only will this "brighten" the wood, it will also neutralize the cleaner or stripper, ensuring that your deck stain will perform properly.

  1. Apply immediately after done cleaning/stripping the wood. Do not allow the wood to dry! Take extra care to pre-rinse vegetation.
  2. Apply Deck Brightener following manufacturer's directions. Most brighteners can be applied with a pump-up sprayer. The brightener should dwell on the wood for 5-15 minutes. Make sure that you mist the deck with water if it starts to dry. Use protective clothing, glasses,and gloves. We sell environmentally friendly products but they can still cause a reaction to skin and eyes.
  3. When done take time to rinse the wood, home, vegetation, cleaner residue, grime, and wood fibers.
  4. Wood should dry for 48 hours prior to a Deck Stain application.

*Make sure that you follow all manufacturer's instructions.

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Rick, best to apply the brightener right after the stripping while the wood is still wet.
TheSealerStore , September 01, 2015
Our local stain store in Pontiac Michigan says to wait a day after using stain stripper before using a brightener. You say "do not allow the wood to dry". I want to use Restore A Deck. Do I wait a day or apply the brightener while still wet?
Rick York , August 31, 2015
Best to clean and brighten wood after sanding.
TheSealerStore , April 25, 2014
sanded the deck floor down to bare wood with belt sander do I need to brighten wood to restain
The railing are ok don't need to restain
rob , April 25, 2014
re: Do I need to RE-brighten....
I would brighten it all just to make sure.
TheSealerStore , September 30, 2012
Do I need to RE-brighten....
... if it's been a few weeks and a few rains since I did it the first time before I preserve/stain my deck? I brightened the entire deck. rails and pergola's and only got the stain/preservative down on the railing and pergola's before the weekend ran out. I want to do the floor of the deck now but wonder if the acidifying property of the brightener still remains 10 days and two rains later. smilies/cool.gif
Wendy , September 29, 2012
re: Waited after stripping
I would still apply the brightener to neutralize and rest the wood's pH balance back.
TheSealerStore , July 07, 2012
Waited after stripping
I have gone a couple weeks since stripping deck and not applied brightener ... I have a hard time with statement #1 since it is difficult to tell all stain is removed prior to the wood drying and doing touch-ups to complete the task. What do you recommend cases where you do not apply brightener immediately after stripping?
Bill Edwards , July 06, 2012
re: Effect of cleaners/brighteners on painted house?
Deck cleaners and wood brighteners will not damage paint on the house.
TheSealerStore , May 27, 2012
Effect of cleaners/brighteners on painted house?
Should the house the deck is on be protected from the deck cleaners and brighteners? Will they fade or remove the paint? Do you have any suggestions regarding this?
Suzanne , May 27, 2012
re: Is there any product that cleans and brightens oudoor decks all in one?
No and it would not work. Cleaners are caustic in nature while brighteners are acidic. Putting the two together cancels them out.
TheSealerStore , March 29, 2012
Is there any product that cleans and brightens oudoor decks all in one?
Beverly Reeder , March 29, 2012



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