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The Best Wood and Deck Stains | Cleaners and Sealers for Staining Exterior Wood, Decking, and Concrete Surfaces

decking_tipsWelcome to The Sealer Store where you will find the Best Products and Best Prices for Exterior Wood and Concrete Restoration Supplies. We are committed to bringing professional grade exterior wood staining, sealing and cleaning products at reasonable prices with quick shipping.

The Sealer Store is for consumers who are searching for the best exterior wood stains, deck sealers, deck cleaners, and brick paver/concrete sealers. High-end wood and concrete restoration supplies that far exceed what can be bought typically at your local store in terms of durability, quality, and ease of use.

Operating since 1993, The Sealer Store has become the largest single online retailer of exterior deck stain, wood stains, concrete sealer, and brick paver sealers. We have sold enough stains and concrete coatings to cover 60+ Million Square Feet!


Wood and Deck Restoration How To Tips

How To Deck TipsBest Stain for a Mahogany Deck

Mahogany is a popular choice for decking because of its tight grain pattern and knot free appearance. It also does not tend to splinter as easily as other wood types. Although mahogany is naturally resistant to decay, it must occasionally be refinished to help protect and maintain the deck’s beaut [ ... ]

How To Deck TipsBest KDAT Deck Stains

KDAT Deck Stains? Which are the Best? After a new wood deck has been installed, there is a waiting period to allow the wood to dry out prior to staining it. It is recommended to wait at least 3-6 months depending on the climate, sun exposure, and type of wood. A way around this is to install a new  [ ... ]

How To Deck TipsHow to Stain a Cedar Fence

A cedar fence is a thing of beauty that can add value to any property. But without proper maintenance, the beautiful natural look of the cedar will take on a faded gray appearance. Staining a new cedar fence can help preserve its natural beauty while staining an older cedar fence can help bring it b [ ... ]

How To Deck TipsHow to Stain a Pine Fence

How to Best Stain a Pine Fence With Long Lasting Results Adding a fence to your home is one of those investments that you also get to enjoy. Privacy and increased curb appeal or two of the most common reasons homeowners have a fence installed. Pine is probably the most affordable material used for  [ ... ]

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Latest Deck Restoration Articles

Deck Restoration StepsWood Fence Stains

article thumbnail

Wood Fence Staining Help and Tips Wood fences can certainly add appeal and value to your property. Wooden fences have long been used for marking boundaries, adding curb appeal, and providing privacy. To ensure a wood fence lasts a long time it is important to shield it from the elements. Vertical  [ ... ]

Deck Restoration StepsCedar Roof Wood Stains

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Help and Tips for Cedar Roof Wood Stains Homeowners have a broad range of options when it comes to roofing materials. Factors like cost, durability, appearance, and longevity all have to be considered. One particular material that has always been a popular choice is cedar wood shakes. They can add  [ ... ]

Deck Restoration StepsBest Stain for a Wood Dock

Tips for Finding the Best Stain for a Wood Dock Though newer plastic and synthetic decking is common for docks and piers, wood dock's are still widely used. Wood is a very durable and sound material used for decking. It makes for a useful and beautiful wood dock and if maintained correctly can last [ ... ]

Deck Restoration StepsBest Deck Sealers

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Finding the Best Deck Sealers A common question that most deck owners ask is which sealer is best? Regrettably, there is not a one fits all type of deck sealer. There are certainly some sealers that are better than others but it really depends on your deck and your area's climate. A deck sealer th [ ... ]

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Pavers and Concrete Restoration How To Tips

Brick Paver Restoration StepsConcrete Sealing Steps

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Sealing Concrete and Bricks Sealing concrete and bricks are very easy. Just clean and apply a sealer. Water Repellent Sealers come in many various types and can be specific to the type of substrate that you will be sealing. The use of a pressure washer is suggested when cleaning exterior concret [ ... ]

Brick Paver Restoration StepsBrick Paver Restoration Steps

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Restoring Exterior Brick Pavers The steps needed to restore your Brick Pavers are relatively easy. All you need to do is clean, resand if needed, and apply a sealer. Paver Sealers can enhance the natural colors of your brick and come in Matte, Semi-Gloss, and Higher Gloss shine. If a "shi [ ... ]

Brick Paver Restoration Steps10 Easy Brick Paver Restoration Tips

Must Read! 10 Easy Tips to Help You Restore and Seal Your Brick Pavers

1. If need be it is best to level any pavers that may have settled unevenly. Lift the unlevel brick and level the base by adding slag or heavy sand base. Do this prior to any sealing.

2. It there is an excessive amount of weeds an [ ... ]

Brick Paver Restoration StepsHow To Strip a Failed Brick Paver Sealer That Has Turned White

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Note: These Steps will work on Failed Brick Paver, Stamped Concrete, and Decorative Concrete Sealers.

Brick Paver Sealers are different then regular concrete sealers in that they: Darken the appearance by giving a "wet" look. Can give a gloss appearance that ranges between satin to high gloss. H [ ... ]

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